We keep your office complex tidy, and we will take responsibility for such needs as replacing lights, cleaning windows, non-toxic spills and removing damaged office furniture.

Labs & Clean Rooms

Our team provides upkeep to the lab, central office, warehouse and any adjacent areas to leave a safe and sterile environment and ensure operational efficiency.

Floors & Carpets

If the floors of your office are dirty, the reputation of your business suffers. Plus, clutter, liquid and debris can cause slips, falls and other potential injuries. We are meticulous in our attention to mopping and vacuuming, and your floors will draw no unwanted attention from customers.

Construction & Detail

Site clean-up includes coming in behind different subcontractors to clean up and prep the area for the next subcontractor - painting, cabinet installation, etc. Post-Construction clean-up may include wiping down fixtures, walls, cabinets, windows, and floors.